Some of the first and more frequent questions from patients are: “Doctor, how does anesthesia work?” – and: “Doctor, I do not fear the surgery but I’m scared of the anesthesia!”

The reply is as follows:

Anesthesia is an extremely safe medical procedure, mainly because of the excellent training that the doctor must have to be an anesthetist and pharmacologist, who can offer increasingly safe medications for anesthesia. Today, there exists such effective inhalation drugs that work so quickly, that in theory the patient could be woken up in minutes and walk out of the room. Of course, we do not do this. It is best for the patient to be sedated a little more, to relax from the operative stress, and rest. After all what why should you be super awake if you need to rest? Wake up and be calm.

Is there a risk Doctor?

Every human activity has risks. We know that airplanes fall, and yet we do not stop traveling by plane. Our duty is to minimize the risks, making a good pre-operative and operating a safe place with safe teams, both surgeons and anesthesiologists. The safe location assumes surgical rooms with modern monitoring of all vital signs of patients and firm protocols in which the patient will never be without his anesthetist at his bedside, which is also an assumption of good medical practice.

Even though we know that total security does not exist, we reduce the possibilities of complications to the minimum possible, making them avoidable.

And just because you know what complications there are, the team leader must be humble and know that, however good and clever he may be, complications may come. And if they come he will be in a safe place and by being always prepared, will know to treat the complication.

It’s that simple. Good medical team, safe place, and a perfect clarification of the patient, in harmony with your doctor.