Many people have unaesthetic or undesirable scars on their body consequent to different causes: previous surgeries, accidents, childhood cuts, emergency surgeries, furuncles, burns, etc.  

There is a popular belief that claims that if you go to a plastic surgeon he removes it, and it will disappear together with the scar. This is a myth that needs to be properly clarified. Once a scar is produced in the human body, it will exist for a lifetime. The plastic surgeon achieves better scars because he uses techniques, materials and appropriate threads, and knows where to place the scars. For example, choosing the well known areas and directions where they have more chances of becoming unapparent or less perceptible and not very important.

In certain aesthetic surgeries, as in the case of breast surgeries and abdominoplasties, the surgeon will obtain the best possible scars due to suitable techniques, but they will always exist and will be more or less important according to the body of each patient.

The treatment of undesirable scars consists of re-doing them with more selective techniques: changing their direction, “breaking them” with a specific technique (zetaplasties) or, still, injecting them with fractional doses of corticoids of long duration; a procedure that should be performed by doctors that are specialize in the extension of such dosages.

Laser and abrasion (peeling) of the scar, although popularly considered as solutions, are not adequate treatments adapted for scars. The exceptions are: certain kinds of laser that may improve particular types of tattoos and mechanical peeling (abrasion), which sometimes is convenient in the surrounding areas of the scar that will be removed by incisions, and thus provide better results.

Does Laser treatment remove scars?

For the treatment of scars, it helps. For the treatment of tattoos, it is very good. Laser nowadays is a powerful auxiliary weapon of plastic surgery for certain scars. For example, there are certain types of contaminated wounds, resulting from trauma or open stitches that close much faster if we use a specific laser application.

There is the proposal of the CO2 Laser, indicated for severe scars which can be a good indication for certain cases.

TATTOOS: Today they can be treated very efficiently with the use of a specific type of laser. There are specific devices. The ”Spectra” is one of them and is currently the best level of efficiency to “erase” tattoos, especially those with black pigment, but is also suitable for all colors. This equipment (Spectra) also has the property of treating dark circles, skin patches, chloasma gravidarum, congenital nevus and mycoses of the nails among other indications, and is also used for the improvement of skin texture. It may be considered a rejuvenation treatment that precedes surgical treatment for patients who do not yet want to undergo facial plastic surgery.