Intimate surgery refers to restoration of the small labia of the vagina. They are sometimes exaggerated and excessive, “overlapping” the limits of the vagina.

Theoretically, this is of minor importance because it is not a visible part of the body, yet precisely for this reason, when exposed in moments of love and intimacy, it is an important part. No matter what your partner may think, the individual needs to accept their own body, in order to restore their own self-esteem.

For some patients, this anatomical issue presents no great problems, whereas with others it can bring much embarrassment and inhibition to others.

The operation consists of the reduction and adjustment of the small labia, with excellent results, and can be performed under local or epidural anesthesia. It consists of a procedure that aims, depending on each case, for a reduction and regularization of the lips, the regularization of the foreskin covering the clitoris and/or also intervention on the large lips, injecting fat when they are withered, or doing the liposculpture when they are too exaggerated.

Please note that large, withered lips are not graceful, so this model should be avoided by those who think the vulva is too exaggerated.  Balance must be attained.

The postoperative is similar as any minor gynecological surgery, with total recovery in eight to ten days. Intimate surgeries are very rewarding and non-invasive surgeries.