We have patients that wish to thicken the legs and those that wish to have them slimmed down.

Thickening of the legs requires a unique silicone implant procedure specific to the region, placed through a small incision in the posterior fold between the leg and thigh. It is specific implant for the legs designed by different companies in different sizes and models.

The immediate results are quite good and interesting. However, being a segment of great mobility, the silicone may dislodge with time and need removal or repositioning.

This operation is indicated for patients with atrophy of one of the legs and who wish to balance their appearance, which occurs in sequelae of poliomyelitis, congenital deformities or trauma sequelae.

Regarding leg tapering, the only resource is liposculpture which should not be conducted over the entire limb, but only in specific and small areas, such as the ankles.