In regards to this area, it is crucial to consider all the complaints about the thigh. Thick thighs, excess skin on the thighs (often associated with fat thighs) and thin thighs. Liposculpture is the most beneficial technique for this area of the body. Nevertheless, in cases of great flaccidity, mainly at the inner face of the thighs, we must resort to plastic surgery of the thigh.

As with brachioplasty, the issue of a “trade off” or cost/benefit must be thoroughly analyzed. The benefit will imply on improvement of the flaccidity, providing the patient with greater well being and local harmony, but with a scar on the inner side of the root of the thigh associated to a vertical one at the inner thigh, forming a “T” with the first scar.

A surgery with excellent results are well indicated when the deformity to be corrected is more important than the resulting scar.

This scar evolves to its final stage after 6 to 18 months, becoming soft and less noticeable. It is important to know that middle age patients and older, have better scars than younger subjects, under an aesthetic point of view, since they are less prominent.  

Patients requiring this operation frequently need to improve other areas that can be associated to other procedures such as liposculpture, abdominoplasty etc.

Average hospitalization is one day.

There are also cases who present very thin thighs, mainly at the inner side, that produce a space between them when the legs are joined together. These cases can be improved/resolved with a special silicone implant for the thighs, with very interesting results and that, in a general way, bring great satisfaction to the patients.

Complications from this procedure are those inherent to any silicone implant in areas of the body.

This filling of the internal space can also be done with the injection of fat, the product of liposuction of other areas, with the difference that these grafts will be partly absorbed, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the organism of each patient.