Gluteoplasty is a buttocks augmentation operation, very appropriate for our and Latin-America countries, where well defined and projected buttocks are the national trend.

With the onset of liposuction, it became common procedure to use the fat removed from other parts of the body and implant it to increase the gluteal area.

However, the fat implanted will be absorbed in part or totally, depending of the organism of each patient. For this reason, final results are unpredictable.

This tactic is still valid since the fat removed is available and, even if it is partially or totally reabsorbed, it may represent a risk-free gain. It is necessary to consider that advantages with fat injection in the buttocks are of greater volume, but do not always give greater projection. When the volume and projection are desired, the technique of choice is the gluteal implant of silicone.

The two techniques can be associated, achieving greater volume and projection with silicone implant and the fatty implants harmonizing and increasing surrounding regions.


This is the alternative technique for the gluteal area and produces permanent and predictable results.  A silicone prosthesis specific for the gluteal area is implanted, filled with cohesive silicone, being the procedure mostly favored nowadays.

The 200 / 300 cc implants are placed between the gluteal muscles by way of an incision concealed in the inter-gluteal fold.  This implant is placed a little higher since it tends to gravitate slightly downwards with time.

Aesthetically speaking, the results of this operation are excellent since patients feel their expectations completely fulfilled.

Complications are inherent to any kind of body implantation since implants are subject to rejection by the organism.

Initial recovery period is of 8 to 10 days. During this period the ability to sit normally is limited, keeping the body always a little extended, even nearly lying down.