Mentoplasty or chin plasty is hardly invasive and produces excellent results, since the chin plays an important role in the facial balance. Together with the nose, the chin balances the facial profile.

The patient with a normal or slightly larger nose, if the chin is small, leads to the stereotyped face called the ‘Bird Face’.

The correction of hypomentalism consists basically in the placement of a small solid silicone implant over the jaw bone in its central part. The incision is inside the lower lip, in the mucosa, where healing is quite rapid.

Immediate recovery occurs from 6 to 8 days, while total softening of the incision area taking a little more time. It is a painless recovery, with a small edema that disappears within the first two weeks.

As in any silicone implantation operation, it can be rejected by the organism, although no data has shown such occurrence in this area. Another interesting aspect of this operation is its reversibility, i.e., removal of the implant for any specific reason and restoring the former aspect of the chin.

For the correction of “prognathism” (prominent jaw), it can be corrected by a minor surgery of the treatment by the basilar reduction of the mandible, or it may require more detailed studies of the patient’s bite to differentiate the progenism from the prognathism (positional relationship of the mandible and/or maxilla to the skeletal base).

The plastic surgeon will be able to differentiate its diagnosis, and the treatment of prognathism will be done by maxillofacial surgeons or maxillofacial dental surgeons.

Facial Implants – Chin