Cirurgia das pálpebras: Pode ser feita isoladamente ou associada à cirurgia do rejuvenescimento facial.

An operation to correct the skin excess of the upper and lower eyelids besides treating redundant lower lid pouches (circles under the eyes) and also upper lid smaller pouches evidenced close to the nose.

The upper lid incision is placed on the skin fold, that is observed when the eyes are open, and on the lower lid the incision trails close to the inferior eyelashes and extends approximately one half to one centimeter beyond the outer eye canthus.

This operation has a highly rejuvenating effect and significantly benefits the eyes, the first point of contact between people. When indicated, this operation should be associated with a facelift since results will be overall more complete.

However, there are some young or middle-age patients with no indication for a facelift but need an eyelid correction.

Isolated lid operations do not resolve the lateral lid crow’s feet These folds would need to utilize Botox, which brings excellent results. However, when associated to a facelift, a few technical resources attenuate crow’s feet considerably, even without the use of Botox.

The lower eyelids are an important consideration, and there exists more conservative surgeries for them. It has been observed that bags under the eyes, are not always the result of hypertrophy (greasy bags), but the migration down the fat mattress around the eyes. Thus, the current trend is minimal skin withdrawals and peri-orbital fat injections in this region. Then with the addition of “Spectra type” laser for the dark under eye circles, a skin rejuvenation in the region is possible, with surprising results.

We start to remove the stitches on the 2nd or 3rd, postoperative day and scars are practically unnoticeable after 30/60 days.

No occlusive dressing is needed. It is recommended the application of an ice pack during the first postoperative hours.

This treatment should always be conducted in an operating room, but is mainly an out-patient procedure.

Eyelid Surgery – Lower

Eyelid Surgery – Upper