All the techniques here explained from the simplest to the more complex are subject to complications.  

Complications are undesirable results inherent to any human activity. It is the same with medical practice, that even when conducted with maximum competence is subject to unexpected factors that do not depend on the doctor’s will or action.

It is exactly because they know that complications exist, that doctors and patients should work together to prevent them, with a good and complete preoperative evaluation of the operation procedure in conditions of safety, associated to total candor of the patient towards the information he reports to his doctor, and meticulous respect to postoperative prescriptions.

This way we will be fulfilling our part, eliminating to its maximum unexpected factors which we know to exist.

Nevertheless, if a complication arises, we have to be ready for it and undergo its treatment in a competent way.

The doctor is a technician that places all his knowledge and dedication available to the patient. Even so, one cannot ignore his limitations, like those of any other human being, and attribute him an unfounded omnipotence.

And it is in this condition of a wise human being, but with limitations and even with no guarantees, that he offers his patients his greatest asset: his knowledge and unrestricted dedication.