An area on which liposculpture is most successful and is indicated both for females and males.

At the onset of liposuction, unprepared individuals caused accidents when using this procedure, as they allowed the cannula to penetrate into incorrect planes (the cannula should only travel over the subcutaneous tissue below the skin).

Although accidents may occur, maximum prevention to avoid them is an obligation of both surgeon and patient, rendering insignificant the possibility of complications. However, if this would occur, the surgeon in charge must make the correct diagnosis, treat it immediately and accordingly.

This is the reason why this procedure should only be performed by highly qualified professionals, in a hospital or clinic with quality facilities and able to resolve any eventual mishaps.

When choosing a hospital for treatment, the patient should seek a facility with maximum safety and professionalism, even though the costs may be somewhat higher.


Abdominal liposuction can thin down all the fat cover below the skin. It presents interesting results to patients with no flaccidity and great capacity of skin retraction. In these cases, skin retraction avoids the need of excess skin removal, simplifying the procedure and avoiding scars, and is safe for the small liposuction perforation.

Males are included in a large scale among patients with good skin retraction.

However, if the surgeon feels that the skin has no retraction capacity, liposculpture should be associated to skin excess removal.

For this procedure, a horizontal incision is made on the inferior abdominal area, as in an enlarged C-section incision, through which the skin is tractioned and the excess removed. At the same time, the rectus abdominalis are placed in their original position, creating an “inner garter”.

The function of the muscles is necessary since during pregnancy the abdomen separates them and loosens the organs support, resulting in an undesirable bulging abdomen.

This condition is usually combined with umbilical hernia, which is also corrected at the time of the muscles procedure.

Abdominoplasty results have gained extreme beneficial effects by its association with liposculpture.