Indicated for patients with excessively thick thighs and tight skin, Especially on the inner face where there is always an excess of localized fat causing uncomfortable “brushing” of the thighs when walking. There, liposculpture plays an important role in the harmonization of the thighs and decrease the discomfort of friction and rash.

It can also be practiced on the outer part of the thighs to trim them as a whole, on the sides where the culottes are, etc.

Just like in the abdomen or in any area of ​​the body, when we empty the contents by removing the excessive fat, it is necessary that the continent (the skin envelope) retracts, so that the final result is beautiful. When there is no retraction, there is removal of excessive skin.

In the thighs, this removal of the skin when indicated is performed by a T-incision located on the inner side of the thigh (see “thigh surgery”).