Liposculpture has had its greatest success in this area of the body, and is indicated for both women and men.

Invented by Yves Gérard Yllouz, his teachings demonstrated that the region of the thigh is one of the best areas where excesses can be treated using liposuction.  He passed away at the end of 2015.

Previously described by Pitanguy, deformity of excesses of the outer thigh were successfully treated by surgery, which although was useful at the time, left excessive scarring.  Although the procedure was simple to undertake, it left one or two small body orifices in the region. But like everything in life, one needs to find a point of equilibrium.  Therefore, it has been found that excessive fat can be removed from the breech area, and the results are always an improvement. If there is too much withdrawn, however, with the enthusiasm of reaching a “perfect volume”, irregularities may occur on the surface of the thigh, such as cellulite.

Despite these drawbacks, for which the surgeon is aware, the treatment of the thighs is one of the best areas recommended for liposculptures. The patient should be made aware, however, of these restrictions.