Yves Gérard Illouz, liposculture inventor and Dr. José Carlos Daher

An area where liposuction can have the best results, as I was told personally by ILLOUZ, inventor of the technique, the lateral “love handle”, or tires, are among the last to lose even after slimming and dieting.

A small incision of half to one centimeter is made on the side of the lower abdomen, at the level of the iliac crest. The patient is operated in lateral decubitus position. It can be associated with a small incision at the top of the intergluteal fold, that gives access to the fat on the sacrum and complements the love handle treatment.

This type of surgery is almost always associated with liposculpture. The reason: flanks have similar aspects as the back and abdomen. These areas almost always exhibit excess fat, to a greater or lesser degree.

In order for a good result, it is necessary that the surrounding regions are aligned.