Patients who want to have their breasts operated, frequently ask if the lateral extension (the continuation of the breasts towards the armpits) will improve.

Generally, these extensions are made up of accumulated and localized fat, and they respond well to liposculpture. When there is glandular tissue, liposculpture is used for the removal of this tissue to obtain the maximum possible result for each case.

It is interesting to note that through the use of liposculpture among the base of breasts and their lateral extensions, a much smaller incision than normal can be used when performing a mammaplasty.  

It is also important to emphasize that, in our opinion, the concept of mammography has changed. When the surgeon is asked to perform a mammoplasty, his analysis cannot be confined to only the breasts, since the axillary extension is part of that region. Treating solely the breast and leaving an unpleasant axillary prolongation, always results in a less than complete job. The goal of surgeon should strive to perform the most complete work possible. No matter how unflawed the breast seems, there may be some dissatisfaction or disharmony in less complete surgery, for example, when putting on a bra, or discomfort with the straps cutting into the fats or remaining axillary prolongations.

Results vary by individual, and each body imposes its limitations on the surgeon. However, it is up to the surgeon to seek the maximum effect possible for each patient.