Abdominal liposculptures can sometimes be associated with small skin recesses in the lower abdomen, smaller than those of classic abdominoplasty, and therefore with smaller scars. These surgeries we call mini-abdomen.

It is a limited surgery because it is not usually associated with plication of the abdominal musculature, or presently in abdominoplasty. In order to do the plicature of the musculature in the mini abdomen we would have to make an ample detachment in the mini abdominoplasty which is riskier to have in the postoperative necrosis of tissues at the height of the suture. The explanation for this mechanism is highly technical, and is based on principles of anatomy that each surgeon should explain to his/her patient.

The previous observation does not invalidate the surgery, but is only an indication towards greater care, especially for patients who are smokers or with some health fragility.