This is a substance that has the capacity to temporarily paralyze muscles. If applied to the facial mimic muscles, it will attenuate undesired expression of wrinkles.

It is mostly indicated for forehead wrinkles and lateral crow’s feet. It can be selectively applied to other areas.

The results are good, lasting for about 6 months, after which, there needs to be a new application.

This is an outpatient procedure.

The use of Botox has reduced the number of facial surgeries. For example, it is rare that the forehead (frontal region) should be operated, since, on analyzing the cost-benefit ratio, it is sometimes best to periodically use botox in this region.

It also has its indications for unilateral partial paralyzes, to correct small asymmetries, muscle groups that are more prevalent than those against lateral ones.

It is good to remember that plastic face surgery, for example, cannot treat fine wrinkles. These are treated with complementary procedures by filling fine wrinkles (lips, corner of the mouth, others), or by the selective and partial paralysis of the muscles that produce it: the eyelids: orbicularis muscle for the feet of the hen, frontal muscles, procerus and corrugator, for the wrinkles of the forehead and between the eyebrows.

There should always be caution and use only of products that are registered and are from a reputable source.