Massages has always been an important resource to speed local recovery following plastic surgery.

Lymphatic drainage, a new technique developed, drains the lymph fluid retained in the areas where surgery has been applied, much quicker than would naturally occur, and extensively shortening the recovery period of plastic surgeries.

I have observed, that if nothing is done and no lymph drainage is applied, eventually the tissues will return to their normal condition, and will be less hardened and less swollen, regardless. But this process takes time; years at times. Already with lymphatic drainage in a few days or months we can reach a final result, with greater satisfaction and enjoyment of the patient.

It is applied by masseur therapists or physiotherapists oriented by the plastic surgeon, following an average schedule that involves 10 to 20 sessions for each series.

We recommend that it be practiced in safe places and the professionals who apply it must have strict hygiene protocols, since they serve several successive patients and can become vectors of transport and contamination. This, of course, does not happen with well-prepared professionals and structured professional services.