Expansion and modernization mark another cycle of advances at Hospital Daher

If the idea was to grow, it was reached. If the goal was to modernize the technology, it became a reality. Efforts were uninterrupted, and after nearly four decades of existence, Hospital Daher Lago Sul provides a new concept in health care, established by gathering all specialties, skilled professionals, advanced equipment and humanized care in one high quality institute.

In 1978, the building in Lago Sul, a prime area of ​​Brasilia, operated as a clinic of aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery. With time, the city grew, the population increased, and it was clear that there was a need to offer more options to Brasilia residents. Thus, launching the ambitious challenge of offering more comprehensive and high quality health services. The results of this effort at expansion and dedicated persistence to meet the needs of the community, started to appear in the 1990s, when the clinic improved its facilities and turned into a general hospital with specialists in all areas.

With no limit to this dream, the next step was to combine expansion with quality and modernization. Currently, Hospital Daher Lago Sul is a reference hospital in the Federal District. “We are constantly growing and expanding our existing services. We are importing the latest equipment and constantly seeking the latest innovations. Especially in imaging services, we are advanced in comparison to most facilities and constantly looking to have the very best diagnostic and advanced techniques existing,” says the proud founder of the hospital, plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Carlos Daher.

After years of construction and constant work by architects, engineers, health consultants and many individuals, the infrastructure of the new Hospital Daher is complete. Upon arrival the patient can avail himself of many services now available: General Practice, Pediatrics, Oncology, Orthopedics, Mastology, General Surgery and Digestive, and Neurosurgery and more.

Some major changes can be highlighted. The Emergency area is larger and busier with a daily average of 300 patients – equivalent to 10,000 visits per month. “Doctors are experienced in dealing with emergency situations and, when it comes to a serious case, they have the support of intensive care,” said Dr. José Carlos.

To manage acute health crisis, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – existing since the 80s – was boosted to now have 40 beds, each with monitors and “high-tech” American and French respirators. The ICU area is able to rapidly respond to an array of acute care situations including victims of stroke, heart disease, myocardial infarction, head injuries, amongst others. The improved quality and recent importation of modern equipment also serves the surgical operating room, which schedules as many as 800 procedures per month.

Hospital Daher Lago Sul has supported the local economy, since it generates 850 direct and 3,000 indirect jobs, with competent and committed professionals in enabling the service 24 hours a day, in full operation.

Hospital Daher is often cited at medical conferences as an example of “good practice”, has won many prestigious awards and has been asked to represent the various hospital organizations, and to communicate the various ways in which they have reached a level of standard of excellence in quality health provision in the country.

The secret is to replace outdated models with innovative management ideas. “There is a broader view of the hospital. Quality services are backed by competence in health personnel and in technology, to solve the client’s health problems, or to speed them toward the solutions that can exist for each individual case” states the surgeon.

The Hospital is certified by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA) and the ISO 9001 certification for hospitality-like services. “With the importance of physical and psychological comfort of the patient in mind, we decided to invest in comfort, and we have made our “hospital hospitality” the unique feature that distinguishes a stay in our hospital compared with any other in the region.  This led us to be a “reference in hospitality” in Brasilia, in the region and across the country; so that Hospital Daher can act as a model to other institutions and inspire them to take the comfort and experience of the patient as an integral aspect of recovery and healing.  “With all of this I usually state that in addition to a hospital, we are a Hospitality Center which is recognized by all patients who choose us,” comments the surgeon.

And the expectation is now to increasingly improve the management. “Find maximum agility and care for the patients that knock at our door. We also want permanent updating of the software and technology to keep the patient always assisted with the most modern options. We strive to also focus on the Studies Center, open to the doctors in the region, interested in addressing new ideas and techniques. Our intention is to ensure a permanent space discussion, research and update,” concludes Dr. Jose Carlos Daher.

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