Not all patients will achieve their exact anticipated results through plastic surgery

Know what precautions to take before opting towards a cosmetic procedure

Often when a patient searches for a plastic surgeon, there is already an idea of what the patient wants, and what should be done by the expert, so that the desired result is achieved. An example is when a woman sees a beautiful model on the cover of a magazine and wishes to have a nose like hers, even when the face does not have the same proportions. Or when she decides to solve the problem of fallen breasts by implanting silicone prosthesis, only when it is actually necessary to make a skin removal surgery, with or without the implant.

For these reasons, the patient may end up frustrated during consultation with a specialist, as there may be the possibility that these idealized results are not entirely possible. Although it may be partially possible, the accuracy of the results may not be predictable, and/or the surgical procedure will not always be as was imagined.  

There may be occasions when, with a less experienced surgeon, an agreement is made to  achieve the patient’s desired result, but without proper adequate discussion and clarification, the consequences can be catastrophic for the unexpected mismatch and dream of what the technique can effectively offer.

One subject that went viral recently here in Brazil, was the lip filling of the Brazilian singer Anitta.The first time she underwent the procedure, resulted in her attaining an appealing and natural result. Not satisfied, she had sought the expert shortly after the procedure to further increase her lips. He refused to do it, offering a recommendation for the patient to wait a while before making a new procedure. The Brazilian Singer ended up looking for another clinic, which went forward with the procedure. As a result, what was supposed to be a fleshy, sensual mouth, unfortunately became an exaggerated and artificial lip, which was highly criticized on social media.  

In order to avoid these types of risks, plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Carlos Daher, founder of the Daher Hospital, advises that patients thoroughly research on the expert who will do the procedure. For example, the doctor needs be a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), because then the patient will be assured that the operation will be made more accurately, and that it will be properly oriented to avoid surgical risks.

A recent graduated doctor who wishes to become a member of the SBCP, will need to attain two years of experience in general surgery, three years in plastic surgery, in-service accreditation by the Company and/or the Ministry of Education; as well as being approved at a high level through a written and oral exam given by the SBCP.

After the patient chooses the expert, Dr. Daher recommends that the patient talks to the provider about all the aesthetic desires and expectations, and listens carefully to the surgeon’s recommendations. It is the doctor who will know if what the patient wants is technically feasible and whether it will achieve the result desired by the customer.

“Often, the surgeon can get very close to the expectations of the patient, but in different forms and techniques, professionals must know their limits to act. For this, the patient needs to ‘come down from the clouds’ and after being aware of all the pros and cons of the procedure, enter into an agreement with the specialist”, Dr.Daher advises.

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