Member of the Brazilian

Society of Mastology

Head Member of the Brazilian

Society of Plastic Surgery

Member of the International

Society of Aesthetic Surgery - ISAPS

Specialization in PUC / RJ

under the Supervision of Ivo Pitanguy

About Dr. José Carlos Daher

Dr. Jose Carlos Daher began his career in the 1970’s, after he graduated from Faculty of Medicine of the University of Brazil, now known as the “Federal University of Rio de Janeiro”. At that time, he specialized in Plastic Surgery with Professor Dr. Ivo Pitanguy.

He is considered a pioneer in his field, and has become one of the main authorities in Plastic Surgery in Brasilia. He is the author of several original techniques published both nationally and internationally. He is a member of several national and international societies of Plastic Surgery and Mastology, having been one of the world pioneers in the modern techniques of breast reconstruction, and post-treatment of breast cancer.


Curriculum Vitae – Summarized

Curriculum Vitae – Complete Version

Dr. Ivo Pitanguy e Dr. José Carlos Daher

Plastic Surgeries


About Hospital Daher

Hospital Daher Lago Sul

More than just a hospital, a Hospitality Center

Hospital Daher Lago Sul is a reference hospital in the Federal District. For over 20 years, Hospital Daher has provided Brasilia with the utmost standard of excellence in medical and hospital care. It now offers a large variety of specialized services. It has extensive facilities, including a modern emergency room, intensive care unit, surgical center, laboratories, as well as modern and effective procedures for diagnosis, and follow-up and treatment of diseases. By promoting a humanized, welcoming and safe services, with utmost attention to the comfort and well-being of the people it serves, Hospital Daher is now seen as a Hospitality Center.

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  • SHIS – QI 07 – Conj. F – Lago Sul Brasília – Distrito Federal CEP: 71615-570
  • Phones: (61) 3213-4922 / (61) 3213-4859

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